Cuspor Ageing System

Generates and accurately measures environmental conditions when storing small quantities of test material (Range: 5 °C to 85 °C and 0-90 %rh).


  • Outer Vial:  Certified Type I clear borosilicate glass vial (180mm & 110mm heights) with 34mm crimp top finish. Airtight seal formed when used with a 34mm rubber stopper and 34mm aluminium crimp
  • Humidity Capsule: Salt solution in a certified type I clear borosilicate glass vial used to control humidity within a sealed environment. Capsules available across the range 5-90 °C and 0-90 %rh. Capsules fitted with a breathable PTFE membrane during use to avoid spillage
  • Capsule Holder: Hold humidity capsule and logger in place
  • Logger: Measures temperature and relative humidity within test environment
  • Sample Platform: Holds vials containing test material.
  • Sample Vials: Three different size sample vials for holding test material. Outer Vial of 180mm height can hold two of largest sample vial, x3 of medium and x4 of smallest size.


Designed to

  • Reduce measurement uncertainty for temperature & humidity
  • Ensure rapid equilibration times (<30 minutes)
  • Minimise risk of test material contamination
  • Reduce space requirement
  • Traceability for all parts
  • Quick & easy setup
  • Modular design ensures repeatable results


  • Accelerated Predictive Stability (APS) Studies
  • Small scale stability studies
  • Moisture Sorption Isotherm Measurements
  • Controlled storage of reference and toxic/high potency materials
  • Forced degradation experiments

The Hygrochron DS1923-F5 is a rugged, self-sufficient logger that measures temperature and/or humidity and records the result in a protected memory section. Every DS1923 is factory lasered with a guaranteed unique 64-bit registration number that allows for absolute traceability. The durable stainless-steel package is highly resistant to environmental hazards such as dirt, moisture, and shock.


  • Operating Range: -20 °C to +85 °C; 0 to 100 %rh
  • Sampling Rate from 1s up to 273hr
  • Readings: 2,048 Temperature & Humidity Readings
  • Measurement of Uncertainty can be defined
  • Reader & Software required to initiate and download data from logger


  • USB bridge with a 1-wire RJ11 interface to accommodate loggers
  • Compatible with all Windows operating systems
  • All necessary drivers included with bundled ThermoTrack software
  • 3 ft. coiled cable provides a flexible connection to connect logger
  • Spring-loaded communication port ensures a secure connection between logger and reader during initiation and date download

ThermoTrack Software

  • In a few seconds, you can mission your logger and set date, time and sample rate
  • Export data to a Microsoft Excel compatible format
  • Check the average, maximum and minimum values
  • Monitor battery levels
  • An optional expert module available conforming with FDA CFR21 part 11

Controlled Temperature & Humidity Walk-In and Standalone Chambers designed for optimum reliability and performance and customised to meet size and operating conditions requirements. Chambers are manufactured by Thermolab, India’s largest manufacturer of Walk-In environmental chambers.

Controlled Temperature / Humidity Chambers

    • Designed for optimum reliability and performance
    • Chamber customised to meet size and operating conditions requirements
    • Offerings include chambers covering the following conditions specified in the ICH Guidelines:
      • 25 °C / 60 %rh
      • 30 °C / 65 %rh
      • 30 °C / 70 %rh
      • 30 °C / 75 %rh
      • 40 °C / 75 %rh
      • 25 °C / 40 %rh
      • 30 °C / 35 %rh
      • 40 °C / NMT 25 %rh
    • Temperature Control Accuracy / Uniformity : ± 0.2 °C / ± 2 °C
    • Humidity Control Accuracy / Uniformity : ± 2 %rh / ± 5 %rh

    Temperature Controlled Chambers

        • Chamber customised to meet size and operating conditions requirements
        • Walk in Cooling Cabinet; Range +2 °C to +8 °C
        • Control Accuracy ±1.0 °C, Temperature Uniformity ±2.0 °C
        • Walk in BOD Incubator; Range +20 °C to +60 °C
        • Control Accuracy ±0.2 °C, Temperature Uniformity ±2.0 °C


        • Prefabricated modular structure
        • Interior Stainless Steel and Exterior PPGI / Stainless Steel finish
        • Adequate illumination inside the chamber
        • Glass view panel with specially designed leak proof door
        • Racks and trays made of Stainless Steel with adjustable tray heights
        • Range of shelving options available
        • CFC free refrigerated systems
        • 21CFR Part 11 recording packages
        • Hydronic Cooling System
        • Lockable doors with mechanical internal release mechanism